How To Win At Slot Machines – Four Slot Betting Strategies

Slot Betting Strategies

Slot Betting StrategiesSlot Betting Strategies

It actually is easy to learn “How To Win At Slot Machines” with these four free and easy “Slot Betting Strategies“. In fact, there is a slot machines that you can play with built in betting strategies. You do not even have to know how they work, because you can simply choose one of the four strategies. 

How To Play The Betting Strategies

  1. Choose your base bet amount
  2. Select which strategy you want to use
  3. Press the spin button

That us all there is to it. After you press the spin button you can continue with the same strategy by simply pressing ‘spin’ as often as you like. The slot machine will adjust your bet as needed.

After each spin you can turn off the  strategy  or switch to another one!

Built In Playing and Betting Strategy 

This system is not some hokey half-baked scheme. These 4 strategies were built into the slot by the developer. They are called the Optimizer, Leveller, Booster and the Jumper.

If you are a regular gambler, you may even recognize these strategies. You may have even bought these strategies from someone who called them something else. 

But here they are for free – and built into a great slot machine called Ecuador Gold available for free play or real play at the international players Casino CruiseSpinit CasinoSloty CasinoVegas HeroGenesis Casino and Casino Joy

Why not check it out for free


Tip : If the system works for you, then try applying it manually on any other slot of your choice, especially if you are a USA player and unable to play Ecuador Gold for real money.