Magic Monk Rasputin Slot by Merkur

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This slot has 3 reels, 3 lines and 5 pay lines with unique game features.

  • Each win translates into steps on the corresponding tower.
  • Won steps set corresponding tower higher.
  • Cashpot is sum of tower values.
  • Cashpot can be taken any time.
  • Rasputin resets all towers.

” Grigorij Jefimotvij Rasputin was a Russian mystic, preacher, and a healer who came to be one of the most infamous and mythical people of Russia.”

“People had mixed feelings about Rasputin, some spent a lifetime trying to hurt him, while other spent a lifetime glorifying him. Rasputin grew up in Siberia and couldn’t either read or write, his father was a farmer and he became known at an early age to be a sneaky lady-killer.”

“There is a saying, “rumours spread faster than news and news spread faster than the happenings” – and Rasputin was a living, breathing proof of it. Hearsay stories arose constantly of how he could see what people did and what would come to happen to people. He is then said to have used these details to help the needing and ill. After a, to say the least, interesting life, Rasputin started his pilgrimage, whereas he ended up visiting Sankt Petersburg – where he hoped to meet some female companion. But as soon as he arrived he was taken to a cellar where he would later take the last breath of life. Despite the tragic ending, Rasputin is said to have had a huge impact on people, and especially when it came to the era of haemophilia – as he was said to have helped with the process of finding a cure for it. Maybe he had magic hands?”

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