Ivanhoe Slot Machine – Play Online

Ivanhoe is an innovative 3 reels slot designed for Mobile with an exceptional one-handed gaming experience.”

The ingenious part about this slot game are the built in slot strategies. These free strategies include charts and number on a Leveller Slot Strategy, Booster Slot Strategy and a Jumper Slot Strategy.  So go no further and and play now to win!

But the free spins and wilds feature are great no matter how you decide to play!

“Prince John has claimed the crown in Richard the Lionheart’s absence and keeps the town in a tight grip together with his loyal Norman knights Bois-Guilbert and Front-de-Bouef. Ivanhoe decides to stand by his king and fight for him. The bonus game takes the player through different challenges on the rough journey towards increasing multipliers and towards the ultimate goal to get Richard the Lionheart back on the throne. All the visual action in the bonus game takes place in the dot matrix but it is driven by the winnings on the connected reels.”


Play Ivanhoe Slot Machine Online