Triple Sevens – Current Progressive Blackjack Jackpot Value

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Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack

  • $1 Side Bet for Progressive Jackpot
    • If your first card is any seven, you automatically win 5
    • If your first two cards are sevens, you automatically win 25
    • If your first two cards are sevens of the same suit, you automatically win 50
    • If your first three cards are all sevens, you automatically win 250
    • If your first three cards are all sevens of the same suit, either clubs, spades or hearts then you automatically win 1,000.
    • The progressive jackpot is triggered when your first three cards of a hand are all the seven of diamonds , you automatically win the progressive jackpot.
  • $2 Blackjack Bet
  • 9 paylines
  • Pyramid wild symbol
  • Five wilds on the 9th payline wins the progressive jackpot.
  • Egyptian icons include scrolls, gold necklaces, wooden boats, dangerous Cobras, Sphinx and Ankh

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